Showhomes at Flemington

The Flemington Show Home Village is on Craig Thompson Drive, alongside the Flemington Sales Office. It has brought together five of Canterbury’s leading building companies, offering a comprehensive range of building footprints, layouts and options.

Flemington Show Home 2

Homes by Parklane

Homes by Parklane are a locally based Christchurch building company. They have been constructing homes over Canterbury as a Registered Master Builder for 17 years and have a combined 47 years industry experience and knowledge.

As gold award-winning builders, they have had the pleasure of building quality homes for Cantabrians. They pride themselves in quality service, products and excellent value for money. Their prices are very competitive and start from only $1498 per sq.m. Come and view their gold reserve award winning showhome.

Flemington Show Home 3

Homes by Maxim

Homes by Maxim build your Architecturally Designed Dream Home to match your budget and personal style. Every home project is unique. Combining the wants and needs of a client with the unique characteristics of the site, requires detail, precision and creative thinking. Thinking and experience, which Homes by Maxim bring to each and every one of their building projects. Come and view the show home at your convenience.

Flemington Show Home 4

Online Design and Build

Online Design and Build gives you control of the design and build of your new home. They will not compromise on the quality of materials and workmanship. Explore every detail, from the wildest fancies to the most practical considerations, but rest assured there will be no corners cut and no delays. Come and view the show home at your convenience.

Flemington Show Home 5

Fraemohs Homes

Fraemohs Homes proudly build homes with timeless appeal that Kiwis love to live in. They remain true to the overlying Scandinavian principles of simplicity and elegance of form, effective and efficient delivery of function. All of their homes feature sustainably-grown New Zealand timber. Because their timber is sourced locally this means there are no carbon miles being accumulated transporting it across the oceans. Come and view the show home at your convenience.

Flemington Show Home 6

Green Homes

Green Homes New Zealand has unparalleled expertise with building quality environmentally friendly homes that are easy on the earth, and the eye. Green Homes New Zealand is unique in that it is the only residential builder in the country to have received ISO 50001 certification for design and construction of energy efficient homes. We debunk the commonly held myth that constructing in a sustainable manner is always more expensive for the average Kiwi family.

We’re Design and Build specialists offering a better build, with extra health benefits for your family at no extra cost than a standard design – why should you pay more for energy efficiency and sustainability? Call in and see us at our Flemington showhome and find out why the grass is greener.

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